Giandana Healthcare Consulting understands how healthcare works from an operational, financial, and clinical perspective. With our wealth of experience in each of these areas, we are able to help our clients leverage alternative ways of identifying relevant patterns and issues. We are experts in evaluating and guiding healthcare organizations to value-based accountable care in a way that maximizes provider and payer success.

Due to our hands-on experience, we are able to translate complicated topics into manageable solutions and processes. Our collaborative approach with clients results in solutions that are optimized for growth. We work cross-functionally with physicians in clinical and business environments, C-level executives, clinical staff, billing companies, non-profit entities, and provider groups of all sizes.

A New Day for Healthcare

It will be imperative for the success of accountable care organizations to incorporate population health management including:

• patient engagement tools
• care management services
• operational efficiency measures
• data feedback loops

The future success of the healthcare system will require business models with built-in mechanisms for continuous evaluation of all operational layers within the enterprise. This data feedback loop must be able to feed and connect with a variety of services.

We can help you implement these and other quality measures to improve patient care and achieve financial stability in today’s constantly evolving healthcare industry.



Working with both payers and providers, we focus on developing a more holistic approach to healthcare, away from costly rescue care, with a caring and steady hand.


Our Vision is a new era of patient-centric healthcare which is richly based on data and meets the standards of care.


Our Mission is to guide clients on solutions that optimize care opportunities and leverage data for growth and revenue.


Our Goal is to demonstrate value in healthcare operational efficiency so that providers can practice medicine more effectively.


Giandana Healthcare Consulting is led by Kiren Giandana who has accumulated an impressive background in healthcare operations and finance, as well as hands-on experience in the clinical and care management environment.

Under Kiren’s leadership, our company works hard to demystify the complex, challenging, and evolving healthcare models. It is our operating principle to guide providers and payers in their efforts to achieve patient-focused healthcare Continue reading “About”


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