Value-Based Contracting: How to Engage in the New Payment Models

Value-Based Contracting is a range of reimbursement methods from Fee-For-Service with incentives for value to full risk-based agreements.

Medical Groups/Practices will want to engage all payers to take on risk and upside potential for the delivery of high-quality care with lower costs. This suggests a diverse approach to contracts that leverage quality results to reimbursement methods.

Develop a strategy to migrate your reimbursement model to support the primary care engagement with the patient. Continue reading “Value-Based Contracting: How to Engage in the New Payment Models”

Navigating Accountable Care Organizations for Healthcare Providers

accountable care organizationsWith the advent of accountable care organizations (ACO), the shift to preventive, coordinated care is in favor of providers who maintain patient health and reduce the need for higher-cost, episodic care. ACOs create financial incentives for health care providers to coordinate and improve the quality of care for their patient population. Reimbursements are tied to quality metrics and the cost of care, resulting in increased financial risk for providers.

In order to achieve financial solvency and growth, providers must take a strategic approach with checks and balances to efficiently coordinate care. While accountable care organizations have saved Medicare substantial sums, private practices and medical groups operating without an integrated data system stand to lose. Continue reading “Navigating Accountable Care Organizations for Healthcare Providers”

The Impact of Medicare’s Publication of Performance Scores

As part of the transformation of care to value-based reimbursement, Medicare’s public posting of performance scores for facilities and physicians is only one piece of a complicated puzzle we can help you manage and improve to your benefit. We are experts at evaluating and guiding organizations to produce outcome improvements time after time with efficiency and sustainability. Do you know what your performance score is? We can help document and analyze the measures that increase your score and maximize your incentives on a plan-by-plan basis.

Performance scores are here to stay. The ability to stay ahead of trends will dictate the financial health of your organization or practice. Let us help you transform your facility or practice into a thriving Accountable Care Organization (ACO).