Our philosophy is that an organization’s rapid shift to an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is imperative in the quickly evolving healthcare field. Our focus is on assisting you in your transformation by facilitating innovation at every one of your facilities and with every clinician with a caring and steady hand.

Giandana Healthcare Consultanting operates with the belief that it is essential and makes great business sense to provide the highest quality care with an optimal patient experience at the lowest appropriate cost. We can help you implement operational efficiencies to capture value in your organization that will improve patient care and increase performance ratings.

While we are able to assist you with elements of your transformation, when you select our comprehensive system of analysis and collaboration, we can help you launch business growth strategies that will help you stay ahead of reimbursement changes and guidelines.

Other areas we can assist you with include:

• navigating healthcare to achieve transformative solutions
•  operational efficiencies and effectiveness
•  patient engagement strategies
•  physician engagement strategies
•  using data to inform care management, physician performance, and operational reporting
•  reimbursement transformation strategies
•  revenue stream optimization
•  ICD-10 coding guidelines

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