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Our Experience

Giandana Healthcare Consulting understands how healthcare works from an operational, financial, and clinical perspective. With our wealth of experience, we develop growth strategies that will optimize our client’s successes. 

Why Us?

Our strengths translate complicated issues into manageable solutions and processes. Our collaborative approach with clients results in solutions that are optimized for growth. We work cross-functionally with physicians in clinical and business environments,  C-level executives, employers, clinical staff, billing companies, non-profit entities, and provider groups of all sizes.

While we are able to assist you with elements of your transformation, when you select our comprehensive system of analysis and collaboration, we can help you launch business growth strategies that will help you stay ahead of reimbursement changes and guidelines.

We have more than 25 years’ experience as a dynamic healthcare thought leader bringing population health-focused solutions that drive results. We are passionate about healthcare transformation and recognized for anticipating and innovating on new ventures.  We have a proven track record working with physicians in clinical and business venues, C-level executives, clinical staff, billing companies, non-profit entities and providers of all sizes. We  have extensive managed-care experience in strategic business development, ACO engagement and management, clinical experience and provider contracting.