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Giandana Healthcare Consulting is led by Kiren Giandana who has accumulated an impressive background in healthcare operations and finance, as well as hands-on experience in the clinical and care management environment. 

Under Kiren’s leadership, our company works hard to demystify the complex, challenging, and evolving healthcare models. It is our operating principle to guide providers, payers and employers in their efforts to achieve patient-focused healthcare.

Kiren has more than 25 years of population health-focused experience and education with 10 years experience in direct clinical care and a wealth of experience working with executives and staff in the design and implementation of accountable care and managed care.

  Solutions & Services

· Value Based Care Strategy Development

· Strategic Business Evaluation and Optimization

· Employer Care Model Redesign 

· Integrated Delivery Network Operations and Management

· Care Management and Care Coordination

· Physician Engagement Strategies

· Revenue & Financial Strategy Optimization

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