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Explore Our Superb Healthcare Consulting Services

Explore Our Superb Healthcare Consulting Services

At Giandana Healthcare Consulting, we understand the complexities and challenges faced by insurance companies, healthcare providers, and patients within the healthcare industry.

Our team of experts is here to guide you through the intricate landscape, providing comprehensive strategy development and optimizing your business processes. Explore our range of services below.

Healthcare Patients

Healthcare Patients

Healthcare Advocates help patients, consumers and their families navigate healthcare. Some examples of this are:

· optimizing communication with doctors and other healthcare professionals,

·  working with insurance issues,

· guiding you or your loved ones through the healthcare maze.

An advocate will help with problem-solving skills using our healthcare background to demystify the confusion within healthcare.

Our goals are to help you become a consumer of healthcare and to enhance the value of your access to care. We are here to educate and guide you. Our extensive healthcare background and experience can explain how it all works. If you have insurance, if you don’t have insurance, review the types of insurance, help you navigate your coverage, and help you protect your financial health. We also demystify healthcare reimbursement.

We can help you take charge of what you need and understand your role. If you are not able to be a consumer, we can advocate for you as a patient. When you are ready, we can assist you as a consumer to obtain and advocate for your needs.

Become a consumer, get educated, ask for what you need. Challenge your provider, ask questions, and demand information to enable you to make informed decisions. A patient can play a submissive role as a consumer you are active and engaged in managing your care. Don’t let health care happen to you, take charge, and make health care work for you.

  • Types of coverage
  • Navigate and understand your coverage.
  • Protect your financial health.
  • Reimbursement
  • Getting Help on Healthcare Bills
  • Communicating with your provider
  • Leveraging your primary care provider
  • Great Provider Characteristics
  • How to choose a Provider
  • Making Informed Healthcare Decisions
  • Become a Consumer of Healthcare
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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers
  • Infrastructure needs to meet the patient where they are and develop the patient-physician relationship
  • Identifying and ensuring physician support is a part of the care processes. This includes the identification and development of Physician leaders as champions to drive change
  • Create an environment that supports the change in thinking, transforming the patient into a consumer at the center of the care continuum
  • Ensure the organization will succeed in motivating physicians that are empowered by the value they provide.
  • Leverage data to prove that the value is improving outcomes and driving the value proposition of the physician.
  • Pay for performance, episode-based care, total cost of care, bundled payments, and risk contracting
  • Reimbursement evaluation, moving from Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care, including incentive payment opportunities
  • Roadmap development for revenue optimization
  • Strategic Business Evaluation and Optimization
  • Design and Implement strategic growth strategies
  • Evaluate and build strategic alliances
  • Create a vision for Population Health to ensure all staff can understand, implement and support the new model of care
  • Develop clinical pathways protocols that are specific to standards of care
  • Leverage data in business management, care management, physician performance, and operational reporting to manage the healthcare business
  • Assess and deploy organizational structure design, templates/blueprints of organizational functionality
  • Assess and leverage operational efficiencies and effective solutions for physicians, hospitals, networks, post-acute care, and population health management
  • Create the appropriate governance and steering committee leadership structures to maximize engagement
  • Network development and management for all lines of business, including Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, Exchange, Payer, Provider, and Employers
  • Plan participation evaluation and optimization – Does the organization have the right revenue streams? Are the reimbursement models going to meet the business's needs?
  • Accountable Care Operations - How does it all work? Who are the employees that need to run this new type of organization? Can my staff grow to meet my business needs?
  • Understanding payment initiatives - MACRA, MIPS, CPC+, Risk Sharing Arrangements, Upside Bonus, Shared Savings, CMS QRUR, and performance management

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Navigating the healthcare industry can be challenging for insurance companies. As a trusted partner, Giandana Healthcare Consulting specializes in guiding you through the intricacies of the industry.

Our comprehensive strategy development services ensure you are equipped to navigate the industry’s complexities, allowing you to focus on providing the best coverage and service to your clients. Key services for insurance companies include:

  • Improve cost savings and improve employee health outcomes
  • Benefit optimization/reconfiguration to align with Value-Based Care
  • Quality Care and outcomes-based network configuration
  • Develop a culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and high performance in Value-Based purchasing
  • Leverage national standards on quality
  • Develop effective employee/consumer engagement strategies with innovation
  • Leverage data with provider/payer where appropriate to drive collaboration and innovation
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Get in Touch With Us Today

Get in Touch With Us Today

Giandana Healthcare Consulting is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support to insurance companies, healthcare providers, and patients.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you navigate the complex healthcare landscape and optimize your business processes. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn how we can help you achieve your goals.