Value-Based Care Strategy Development


- Pay for performance, episode-based care, total cost of care, bundled payments and risk contracting 

- Reimbursement evaluation, moving from Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care, including incentive payment    opportunities

- Roadmap development for revenue optimization

Strategic Business Evaluation and Optimization

- Design and Implement strategic growth strategies

- Evaluate and build strategic alliances

Integrated Delivery Network Operations and Management

- Create a vision for Population Health to ensure all staff can understand, implement and support the new model of care

- Develop clinical pathways protocols that are specific to standards of care

- Leverage data in business management, care management, physician performance and operational reporting to manage the healthcare business

- Assess and deploy organizational structure design, templates/blueprints of organizational functionality 

- Assess and leverage operational efficiencies and effectiveness solutions for physician, hospital, network, post-acute care, and population health management

- Create the appropriate governance and steering committee leadership structures to maximize engagement

- Network development and management for all lines of business, including Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, Exchange, Payer, Provider and Employers

- Plan participation evaluation and optimization – Does the organization have the right revenue streams? Are the reimbursement models going to meet the business needs? 

- Accountable Care Operations - How does it all work? Who are the employees that need to run this new type of organization? Can my staff grow to meet my business needs? 

- Understanding payment initiatives - MACRA, MIPS, CPC+, Risk Sharing Arrangements, Upside Bonus, Shared Savings, CMS QRUR and performance management

Employer Care Model Redesign

- Improve cost savings and improve employee health outcomes

- Benefit optimization/reconfiguration to align with Value-Based Care

- Quality Care and outcomes-based network configuration

- Develop a culture that fosters creativity, innovation and high performance in Value-Based purchasing

- Leverage national standards on quality

- Develop effective employee/consumer engagement strategies with innovation

- Leverage data with provider/payer where appropriate to drive collaboration and innovation

Physician Engagement Strategies

- Infrastructure needs to meet the patient where they are and develop the patient physician relationship

- Identifying and ensuring physician support is a part of the processes of care. This includes identification and  development of Physician leaders as champions to drive change

- Create an environment that supports the change in thinking transforming the patient to consumer at the center of the care continuum 

- Ensure the organization will succeed in motivating physicians that are empowered by the value they provide.  

- Leverage data to prove that the value is improving outcomes and drive the value proposition of the physician.